Binaka Geet Mala (Ameen Sayani) Vol-1

BINACA GEETMALA, the most popular program in the history of All India Radio. Very first GEETMALA was aired on Dec 3-1952. Presnter of the longest run famous weekly program (1952-1994) was Ameen Sayani. He was paid just Rs 25/- as monthly remuneration and the JACKPOT prize was announced every week for Rs. 100 only. It was aired from Radio Cylone and later on Vididh Bharti in 1988. Earlier it was CIBACA GEETMALA but later it became BINACA GEETMALA and then COLGATE CIBACA SANGEETMALA. The estimated listnership ranging was 9,00,000 to 20,00,000.

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